Master Keys, Week 24… To be A Self Directed Thinker

As we conclude our Master Key Experience course this week, I’m sad to see things end, but in reality it’s just the beginning.  The friendships I’ve made through the mastermind and the realities that have been revealed to me are priceless.  My mind has been opened to a new way of directional thinking, or to truly “think for myself” without the opinions of others.  I feel that from here on out I can think more positively and be the “silent observer” instead of giving my opinion and wasting energy.

It’s crazy to think of how much of my energy has gone into getting angry and brooding about bad drivers, family members or commercials on t.v., when in reality it was only hurting me.  Life is so much better thinking of happy and fun things!  My husband and I were talking about this today with how I have let others “rent” space in my head for no reason.  I gave my power over to these people without them even knowing about it.  I’m sure the other person couldn’t care less about the situation at the time, yet hours or days later I was still upset about it.  That’s a HUGE waste of mental energy on my part!!  Now that I know better and that being angry like that is bad for the body, I’m going to stay more positive and really focus on being the “silent observer”, giving no opinion (even if asked for it).  😉

Becoming a Self Directed Thinker, I have learned to be true to myself, honor myself and through meditation, find my authentic self who will show me what my gifts are to give away.  These aren’t the traditional gifts one may think, but self gifts of things that I am good at and can give back to others to help mankind.  At this point, I am still trying to figure out what my “gifts” are, but look forward to the journey in finding them.

Whether you are a fellow MKE student or  a dear soul who just found my blog, please pass this on and know that you too can have the same knowledge that we found with the Master Key Experience.  Just for fun, I’ll be taking this course again to attain what I missed or didn’t understand the first time.  There is absolutely nothing else like this in the world!   ♥

MKE, Week 23…Service

“…The Law of Success is Service; that we get what we give, and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.”  – Master Key Experience, Week 23.

Being of Service is more than just helping out.  To truly be of Service is to find what your talents and gifts are and share them or give them away to others.  When we give from our heart we give from our Highest Self.  I am still working on finding out what my gifts are.  I know I have certain talents already, but I’m not certain of using them in a service way since I’m not an exact expert in any one thing.  I can give of my time, my money and I know that will help, but what of myself can I give from the heart that is of my Higher Self?  More meditation is needed to find the answer to that.  If only I could duplicate myself would I be able to assist more in the world.

MKE, Week 22a…What is Mental Vibration?

This week in the Master Key System, we read over what and how our mental faculties are able to do.  I’ve always known that my brain was stronger than my body, but this just factualized it and made what others have said to me in the past as being “nonsense”, is true.

When we think of things, any little or big things, we are drawing that to us whether it is good or bad.  I’ve seen it happen to others and in my own life.  In the past, if I said to someone that I had a headache to get out of hanging out with them, then later I’d actually get a bad headache.  It took a while before I caught on to the fact that I had given myself the headache.  Over time, I’ve been wiser with my words and now guard my mental faculties carefully with what I think.

Through this current reading in part 22, I’ve learned that our mental vibrations (thoughts) control absolutely everything that happens to us…good or bad.  Each thought takes on a life of its own.  When we think good or bad thoughts, we are adding or “building” onto the prior thoughts that at some time will materialize into reality and form good or bad things within our body and life.  The point is, leave worry, fear, care, anxiety, envy, hatred and criticism alone.  Give up the negative thought process.  Your life will truly change for the better.  I promise.

We truly are in complete control over how and what we want our lives to be and what we want to have in our life.  Think of Aladdin’s Lamp.  What would you wish for?  What do you want your life to be like?  You can have anything, but not everything you want for yourself.  Not everything, because we don’t live forever to enjoy all things possible.

If you want to change things for yourself start from within.  Only within our minds do we have the power to change the outside (physical) self.



MKE, Week 22…The Sit “Meditation”

During our webinar last Sunday, we were encouraged to do a very long sit (meditation)….for one to five days.  We have been doing them for at least 15 minutes each day for several months.  I wasn’t sure if I could actually “sit” for that long, which I found out it was more like disconnecting from all electronics and not having any conversations with anyone during that time.

I started my sit on Wednesday and planned on going for one day, but unfortunately, I kept getting interrupted.  Though, I was able to have a solid two hours of silent time.  It took about 10-15 minutes for the “chatter” in my mind to stop.  Then I was able to ask questions and get answers or blocks of information that just appeared in my mind.  I kept a notepad and pen next to me and just wrote things down with my eyes closed.  I didn’t dare open my eyes or the “connection” would be lost.  It felt really good as I asked obvious questions that were easy to be answered and then they got more complicated.  I felt like I was in a dark hole and could see some faint light with my future self at the other end feeding this information to me.  I saw a large chain link coming from the area of light, as if I were to grab it and be pulled forward toward light and my soon-to-be future self.

Once the connection was lost from the interruptions, I didn’t really remember what was said.  Since I had written everything down I had a good idea on what to reflect on.  Some of the blocks of information I received were:

Fear is a waste of time.  Walk past it.  It doesn’t exist.

What sets me apart from everyone else?

The point of life is to live fully each day.

Only you can change it.  You.

I also was given answers to my other questions, which I sort of knew the answers to, but this was more precise information that I needed to hear.  More of a Higher Self kick in the pants to get things rolling.

I will be doing another long meditation in the coming weeks that’ll be more planned out with no distractions this time, as I look forward to seeing more discoveries and connections to my Higher Self.


MKE, Week 21…Our Mental Power

Behind every face is a mind…full of power that they may or may not know exists.  Some may be intellectually intelligent by design naturally or through education.  Very few understand their true power comes from within us.  Tapping into our own inner power takes silent concentration and time.  Once connected, we are at the infinite supply of  knowledge and power to change our imperfect conditions to ones of perfection and bliss.

It’s almost surreal how powerful we truly are.  Almost scary, really.  True courage to use or tap into our inner power is what will release us from our current circumstances and allow us to relish in our dreams.  Become the Powerful being that you are and shine from within.  “The result is nothing less than marvelous, it opens unprecedented and limitless opportunity.”

MKE, Week 20…To Feel What We Do Not Yet Know, FAITH.

My mind was searching for a title to this week’s blog and suddenly it flashed in my mind.  I added the word “yet”, but the rest was inspired.  Now looking at what I just typed makes me ponder the word Faith.  I know Faith is to hold onto a feeling of success or triumph when one isn’t quite sure what the outcome will be.  Though, traditionally, it’s about God and our Faith in Him and what He can provide us.

Wow, this really isn’t the blog I was planning on writing, but as they say, “Go with it.”

After reading over week 20 in the Master Key, I see were this is going…

Through the faith and power of our mind, we learn more about how to control it and how to bend our reality to our own will.  We must have the faith and knowing that the Natural Laws of the Universe, if followed properly will turn out in our favor.  It is Universal Law, therefor it must be.  Once we as individuals realize that we are in Him and He is in us, then we must be all powerful too.  We must utilize our power to create from within and have the faith to see it through (whatever we desire) until its fruition or materialization into the physical world.

MKE, Week 19…Live with Purpose

We have moved on to Scroll V (5) in “The Greatest Salesman in the World”.  “I will live this day as if it is my last.”  This statement gives one much to think about.  What would I do and how would I “live” if it were my last day here on this planet?  I understand that this chapter is to bring out the best of the individual, but in reality, if I were to live as if it were my last day on earth every day….I would go broke…I think.  I would spend my last day telling those whom I love how much they mean to me and how they have enhanced my life.  I would spend time with them.  I would give my money to those in need until I had no more to give.  I won’t need it where I’ll be heading.

Actually, thinking about it right now just makes me cry.  I couldn’t fathom leaving behind my child and husband at this point in life.  I’m not ready….too much life to life still.  Too much to teach her, too much love to still give.  I must move forward one day at a time improving myself and allowing my inner light to shine bright.

I propose this lesson or chapter is to get us to really think…  To live with Purpose and Passion each day so we don’t miss the opportunities of each moment to spread kindness and give love to everyone we meet or know.

“If I waste today I destroy the last page of my life.  Therefore, each hour of this day will I cherish for it can never return.”  – The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino.

MKE, Week 18…Looking Inward

This week we were posed with the question, “What would the person I intend to become do next?”

This not only hit me like a ton of bricks, but was also the light that opened my mind.  What would the future me do next?  Who do I intend on becoming?  All good questions to ponder and meditate on.  The person I intend on becoming would do everything correctly.  She is professional and well dressed.  She observes things around her instead of making judgments.  She makes time for everything and everyone important to her.   I would do whatever is necessary to get to the next step of discovering me.  Being in the experience of each moment…something that has eluded me for some time.

This blog may not make much sense, but it does to me as I am still pondering that question.  Perhaps next week I will have more content and be able to elaborate more.  I will end with one of Mark’s quotes from the last webinar:

“You must be happy by having the idea of being able to really think for yourself.  Once you do that, understand that, then the miracles flow through”.  – Mark Januszewski


MKE, Week 17-ish…The Hero’s Journey

This week was a combination of many things.  Part of it consisted of reading obituaries from the newspaper.  I can only say that the ” – ” dash between the birth and death of each person and what they did or accomplished in life is what we were to understand or learn.  That’s really the biggest thing for all of us… what do we really want to do before we die?  What do we want to learn, be, do, see or have before we say goodbye to this world?  It’s a challenge for most of us to really look inward and ask ourselves what is really important.  But maybe something we want to accomplish isn’t that important, it’s just something we want to experience….like staring into the eyes of a wild tiger through plate glass….trying to read their thoughts (other than I’m dinner), through their eyes…the windows to souls.

The Hero’s Journey begins with the Master Key Experience and continues on through our own effort and willingness to succeed and move forward in our lives.  We must constantly challenge ourselves to become better versions of ourselves.  In doing this, we share what we’ve learned with others….the world…to make it a better place for all.

The last four months have been intense with learning all of this, but it just gets me closer to the real me, the me who is connected to the Universal powers that be, the me whom I’m excited to meet and morph with so I can help others do the same for themselves.  This may sound odd at first, but once you’ve connected to your Higher Self and begun your own journey, it will all fall into place and you will have your “aha” moment.  Then you’ll be running to catch up with us, to continue pushing for greatness within humanity….continuing to push for greatness within yourself.  It all starts here with the Master Key Experience, it all starts with you.

Master Key Experience: Week 17 – Miracles.

An incredible insight from another MMA member!

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What do you think – does the universe send us the things when we’re ready, versus we search and find them when we are ready?   Who cares, right?  The sequence may be irrelevant.  But I don’t think circumstances are haphazard.   After conversations in MKMMA and with my peeps, I now find myself very curiously involved with reading Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love:  Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”.    This comes at a time when I’m re-thinking who I think I am.   And who I want the world to think I am (like I control that, right?).  Changing my perception is part of the miracle.   It doesn’t feel like a mid-life crisis, or any kind of crisis.  It’s more like a chrysalis, a gradual metamorphosing into someone I don’t yet recognize, the developing heart of the I Am,  ready to mature in the future.   But…

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